Asheville, NC

“Living at Oak Tree Recovery Homes gifted me another chance at life. They provided the tools and support I needed to create a solid foundation in early sobriety. The communal living allowed me an opportunity to work with others and build life-long friendships. During difficult times, management was always willing to stand by my side and continue to do so after leaving their program. Oak Tree and the friendships I have gained will always be a part of my recovery.”
Chris R.
“Trying to find the best sober living environment for our son was uncharted territory for us. The Oak Tree was such a blessing for our son and our family! His sobriety was supported by 12-step meetings, accountability, and brotherhood. If you are looking for your son to be in a caring, supportive environment, look no further! We are ever so grateful for our Oak Tree family!”
The Halls
” I cannot overstate how instrumental The Oak Tree has been for my personal recovery. During the six months of my stay, I’ve truly built a sustainable life for myself in sobriety. The Oak Tree is the real deal…a safe, supportive, and highly educational environment in which recovering addicts and alcoholics will learn how to live life sober. The experience and accessibility of staff regarding recovery issues and those of everyday life are second to none. Simply put, if you have an open mind and are willing to put suggestions into action, you’ll find everything else you need for a successful recovery right in front of you at the Oak Tree.”
Rick A.
“As parents, understanding that our son was not acting out, but has an addiction was a huge breakthrough in our relationship going forward. Our sense of personal failure, anger, worry, and despair, gave way to a sense of hope and confidence in the Oak Tree. The staff’s personal commitment and their relationship with each of the residents sets the example for everyone at Oak Tree. We strongly support and have benefitted from their adherence to the 12-step program. Our son’s time at Oak Tree, as a resident and later, as a house manager, emphasized activity, responsibility and accountability and focused on him rediscovering that he is a man of value and purpose. He is going on five years of clean, healthy living. Oak Tree’s experience in treating addiction was essential to helping him and our family through this transition with outstanding, long-lasting results. We are forever grateful.”
Diane and Ray Gazaway
“The Oak Tree Recovery house has helped me build a strong foundation in recovery, while showing me that a life without the use of drugs is filled with endless opportunity, joy and happiness. The fellowship and love here is immense and has carried me through early sobriety.”
Ben S.
“I came to love and appreciate all that Oak Tree Recovery Homes had to offer-not only to our son Michael, but our family reaped the rewards of Michael’s time here as well. It is so much more than a warm bed and a safe recovery based environment. The morning groups, 12 step meetings, and house meetings all gave Michael a true sense of community and friendship, knowing that he was not doing this alone and that there were people who wanted him to succeed and become the best person he could. It is here at the Oak Tree that I watched my son find joy again, and begin to experience a happy, joyous, and free life.”
Sandy T.
“During my six month stay the Oak Tree Recovery House provided me with an ideal environment in which to adjust to sober living after treatment. In Jon Clarke and the entire staff I found the type of support, encouragement, and understanding I needed in order to obtain a firm grounding in my new life. Furthermore, the community of young men eager to engage in a Twelve Step program provided me with a comforting camaraderie. I will be forever grateful for the invaluable experience I had at the Oak Tree.”
Doug W.
“The Oak Tree has given me many things. Not only has it given me a life that I thought was forever lost, but has help me regain my trust in people. I can’t say I know what the future holds for me, but I do know the Oak Tree has provided me with a light that will always burn in case I ever get lost in the dark.”
Chris E.

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