Open 12 Step Meetings

Asheville, NC

Join Us for Open 12 Step Meetings in Asheville, NC

On Sunday evenings, since the very beginning of the Oak Tree’s opening in September of 2011, there has been a 12-step meeting around the warmth and serenity of a bonfire.

The photo on the right was taken on 11-11-2013. It captures the beauty and love that resonates from a circle of men regaining their sense of self in sobriety. On this particular night, a family of a prior resident joined the circle to share their experience, strength and hope with the group.

They also attended to gain strength and understanding of addiction, as their lives continue to be impacted by the disease. The discussion was honest and heartfelt, as emotions ran high, however the healing power of a group of people with the common goal of recovery prevailed.

This experience is available to all members within the 12-Step community. It is an open discussion meeting, and begins promptly at 8pm, every Sunday. Don’t let inclement weather scare you off, if the weather does not permit, the meeting takes place in one of the garages.

If you would like ot learn more about the effectiveness of Twelve Step based treatment, check out this link: “Recent Research Offers Compelling Support for the Effectiveness of Twelve Step based Treatment”.

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