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Are you desperately trying to find a good recovery home in Asheville, NC to beat the odds of relapse beyond the safe haven of a locked down treatment center? Have you or a loved one been struggling with the demon of addiction realizing that rehabs only work while you’re in them and that most halfway houses are just money making motels with no real structure or support ? Is this merry-go-round-from-hell of relapse, rehabs and halfway houses draining your bank account and hope for long term recovery? Alcoholism and drug addiction can’t be loved or wished away. The odds of recovery after treatment on your own without a structured, long term clean and sober living home are about as good as winning at the casino. or surviving a round of Russian roulette with the devil.

Oak Tree Recovery Homes in Asheville North Carolina has a mission to help men of all ages, exiting in-patient treatment or  struggling in early recovery, to achieve the skills required for long-term recovery.  During an average stay of  five-six months, men are provided recovery support on a daily basis, and a safe, loving environment.  We guide all residents into a lifestyle based on the 12-step approach as the solution for overcoming their challenges of entering into a life full of freedom and choice.

Recovery House Asheville, NCComing into the Oak Tree Recovery Homes in Asheville NC,  could save thousands of dollars spent on additional clinical services, because we offer a hands-on, loving and personalized approach to men in early recovery. We have created an environment conducive to allowing young men to give recovery an honest effort.

From an article in the L.A. times entitled The 30 Day Myth: Addiction experts say that longer treatments — with the length of stay based on the client’s specific needs — will lead to fewer people cycling between 30-day hospitalizations and relapses for years on end.Treatment is dose-related,” says Dr. Harry Haroutunian, director of the licensed professional program at the Betty Ford Center. “More is often better, depending on what you do with the time.”

There is however one problem…

Life comes at you.  The feelings of resentment, pain and guilt are prevalent in early recovery.  Fear of living without drugs and alcohol is real.  Is it a life sentence to boredom and misery?  How will I meet people?  What will I do for fun?  Will it work for me?  What will people think?  All these and more are destined to be a part of the process.  But probably the greatest stumbling block is:”I can do this alone.”  This thought is the biggest lie one can tell themselves and the biggest reason people are unsuccessful in staying clean and sober.  Trust me I tried it the hard way and it doesn’t work!

Sober-LIving-House-Asheville-NCThis is why the Oak Tree Recovery Homes were established.  I built a place the guys could not only call home, but feel “home”.  I believe we can “love people into early recovery”.   The guys love it here.  They support and care for one another as they work on their own recovery.  It is a place of laughter and friendships.  We gather daily to discuss our own path in the 12 step process.  No one is expected to “figure it out” on their own.  It is safe, drug free and protected by a bond of brotherly love.



Jon ClarkeHi, My name is Jonathan Clarke, M.Ed., LCAS, and I’m the founder and director of the Oak Tree Recovery Homes in Asheville, North Carolina. I am a licensed clinical addiction specialist (LCAS), with over 20 years in the field of helping men with addiction.  I am in recovery and work a rigorous 12-step program, as do all Oak Tree staff.  A 12-step recovery program must be established.  It is a process which includes learning new coping skills, building a support network, and becoming familiar with a new lifestyle.

I began my career in the clinical field in my 20’s.  I received a Bachelors Degree in Psychology in 1984  and a Master’s Degree in Education and Counseling in 1991. I worked extensively in the field of addiction, primarily with young men.  I was the director at two hospitals, had a private practice, and my own company.  After about fifteen years, I called it quits and decided to chase the almighty dollar in the insurance game.  I got to #2 in the country in sales, yet my life, both emotionally and physically, spiraled out of control due to alcoholism and addiction.

I then gave the next 2 years of my life to personally engaging in a 12 Step program.  I had known the 12 steps only professionally and through knowledge.  It didn’t apply to me until I let it become a part of me experientially.  I had to do it, not just understand it.  My recovery now is the number one priority in my life and it guides my every decision.  It is a design for life that works.  The gifts I have received are immeasurable and I have learned long term recovery is available to all those who work it.  I used to think recovery was like a scratch off lottery ticket; some people got lucky and others didn’t.  Nothing could be further from the truth. It works 100% of the time for those who are willing to follow the simple suggestions outlined in a 12 step program.

I have through the guidance of my God, my mother’s memory and the love of others created the soil necessary to heal.  One can’t recover if they have to “watch their back”, or keep their guard up.  The Oak Tree is an opportunity to grow out of a life of chaos and pain, and into a life of principle and value. The miracles I have witnessed are endless and continuous for both me and the men of the Oak Tree.  I now know what I meant when I said I wanted to be a farmer.  I am growing souls!  I am the most blessed man on earth today.

If you’d like to learn more about the research results on this subject, check out this link:  “Recent research offers compelling support for the effectiveness of Twelve Step-based treatment”

The Oak Tree has truly saved my life. Coming from treatment was scary at first, but as soon as I walked in the door I felt like I was in a safe place. I now feel like I am part of something and living a productive life. — Derek E.

“The Oak Tree is a wonderful sober living home in Asheville, NC. My time here has truly saved my life. Through the support of the loving community, I have turned my life in a complete one eighty. I will be eternally grateful for the opportunities given to me by the Oak Tree. I now have the privilege to take my life in any direction I choose. I know that everyone can have these same gifts through hard work and support here at the Oak Tree. — Ethan C.

The Oak Tree has given me many things. Not only has it given me a life that I thought was forever lost, but has help me regain my trust in people. I can’t say I know what the future holds for me, but I do know the Oak Tree has provided me with a light that will always burn in case I ever get lost in the dark. -Chris E.

As the parent of a child with addiction, I strongly recommend Oak Tree Recovery homes as part of a person’s path to recovery. When my son arrived at Oak Tree, it was not the first time he had lived in a sober homes.  I was hopeful but not confident about its probable success, given that we had been down this road before. However, both Jon and the homes managers helped me to accept the process and its likely timing, along with helping my son. There may never be a time when I can be completely confident of my son’s future, but the structured environment at Oak Tree, combined with a caring management team, and supportive brotherhood have given my son the best possible start toward sober living. I cannot recommend the program highly enough. — Cindy T.

As a parent, and someone who is in recovery myself, I was looking for a 12 step based recovery homes that would encourage and support Michael in his beginning journey of recovery. I came to love and appreciate all that The Oak tree Recovery homes had to offer-not only to our son Michael, but our family reaped the rewards of Michael’s time here as well. It is so much more than a warm bed and a safe recovery based environment. Jon Clarke and the homes managers truly care for these men who are living under their roofs, wanting them to be successful in their recovery. The morning groups, 12 step meetings, and homes meetings all gave Michael a true sense of community and friendship, knowing that he was not doing this alone and that there were people who wanted him to succeed and become the best person he could, first and foremost in his recovery, but also in life.Living in this community, Michael learned accountability and respect; as well as, started building relationships with others which had become a lost skill for him in his addiction. It is here at the Oak Tree that I watched my son find joy again, and begin to experience a happy, joyous, and free life. — Sandy T.

The Oak Tree Recovery homes  offer  much more than  traditional halfway homes in Asheville, NC

  • Extremely low relapse rate; less than 10%  (while living at the Oak Tree).
  • An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is part of all residents initial clinical experience.  This is a brand new facility in Asheville, Fall 2015.  It is The Road Inc, clinically directed by Jon Clarke, which provide these services.  For more information go to the website, TheRoadIncAsheville.com.
  • Run by a licensed clinician with 20 over years experience.
  • We provide structure in the following ways:
    • By establishing curfews, we build routine and self discipline
    • Drug  & Breathalyzer testing holds everyone accountable
    • An initial 45-day contract, helps solidify emotional stability to handle life after treatment
    • Individual recovery reviews tri-weekly to establish goals for long term recovery
    • Assistance in employment search and resume preparation helps to establish life skills and resume a productive life
  • All three properties have an on-site house manager.  Our #1 priority is the safety of the homes, so staff are always nearby to provide 24/7 support to residents in dealing with life on life’s terms.
  • There are 10 recovery-based meetings on property each week.  This allows all residents an opportunity to talk about the challenging emotions that are associated with early recovery.
  • All residents are observed and coached through challenging emotions, situations, and decisions. The men learn to be less reactive and more responsive.
  • We work with family members(who actively seek our guidance) to better understand the addiction and recovery process.
  • Insurance-driven laboratory drug testing is used regularly (every 3-4 days), as a deterrent and ensures the safety of all the men living here. Our goal is not to “catch” you after you use but to create accountability before self sabotage occurs.
  • High-speed internet and Wi-Fi
  • Cable TV, movie channels, and NFL channel
  • Flat screens in living rooms, televisions in most bedrooms
  • Membership to local fitness center
  • Located across the street from Buncombe County Recreation Park
  • Smoking-permitted garage lounges with TV and ping-pong
  • 2 person max per room

If you are just now or in the very near future, coming out of in-patient treatment, call me, Jon Clarke, or Delvin Kenion, our admissions consultant at (828) 202-9100 now. 

The most dangerous time for one to delude or trick themselves into the idea “I’m cured” is right now.  In-patient treatment is often essential, yet re-entering “life” is where one has the freedom to revert to old behavior, people, places, and things.  This “rush” to fix oneself does not work; Self-will must be arrested or relapse will occur.

I urge potential residents, family members, or referring clinicians to call sooner rather than later.  The potential for relapse is high following in-patient treatment.  I encourage all to establish an after-care plan well before discharge.  The Oak Tree typically runs at capacity, and your opportunity for a bed space goes up dramatically if arrangements are made early.

“The levels of compassion, attention, and on-going clinical support from Oak tree Staff combined with the support and accountability from a tight knit brotherhood of men in recovery has exceeded any expectations I had of how a life in a recovery home could be. I strongly recommend the Oak Tree to anyone ready and willing to live life on life’s terms, free of the bondage of active addiction.” — Ryan M.

The admission process is a phone call away.  Call Delvin or Ryan, our admissions consultants, at (828) 275-1319 for a caring and compassionate consultation of you or your loved ones next steps to transitioning into a life worth living.  No monies are ever received by The Oak Tree until the resident actually arrives to property.  We will personally take the time to answer any questions, address all concerns, and will assist in an appropriate referral for you or your loved one.

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